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Whether you're cutting back on red meat for health reasons or have opted to follow a vegetarian diet in order to reduce your carbon footprint, today there is a great variety of alternative protein sources that you can even rely on when preparing typically meat-centric dishes, from burgers to chilis.To help increase your protein knowledge, we've rounded up some smart options that make for easy switches as you expand your culinary horizons.A good substitute for cubed pork, chicken and beef, this soybean-based protein powerhouse (3 ounces of extra-firm tofu has around 8 grams of protein) is amazingly tasty and versatile.

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It is always preferable that you steam your vegetables. B12 is claimed by some to be found in seaweed (especially kelp) There are many products fortified with Vitamin B like breakfast cereals, Soya mince, margarine and yeast extract.

For example, there is no conclusive evidence as to whether B12 is present in some of the vegetables mentioned here except for products which are fortified with B12.

However we consider the possibility that diferent levels of B12 from zero upwards may be evident in certain fresh vegetables depending on where it grows, how it is treated and how soon it is eaten after picking.

However, if you have to cook these in water, make an enriching drink out of the vitamin-rich water that's left in the saucepan by adding a teaspoon of yeast extract (like Marmite)... There is much inconclusive evidence from diferent nutritional and vegetarian sources suggesting that B12 in vegetables (if found at all) has no significant effect.

Veggie Global points out that B12 sources and intake is a highly complex dietry issue.


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