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Not only does this lifestyle help boost the moods of people in Tacoma, it keeps their bodies fit, sure to look great rain or shine.

Because there’s so many local breweries to choose from, the people of Tacoma really know their way around beer.

Nestled in the Northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula at the entrance to Puget Sound is beautiful Port Townsend, our historic Victorian Seaport and Arts Community. You can start the day off with a South Beach Christian Outreach Pancake Breakfast.

Come to the Victorian Festival and plan to stay a few days, partaking of the Festival fun and the limitless opportunities for exploration of historic sites and natural wonders all over the Peninsula. and then move right along with the flow of festivities. To be Held at Olympic College in Bremerton, the Washington State Science and Engineering fair is open to all Washington State students in grades 1 through 12 of public, private, and parochial, or certified home schools. There is much in common between Seattle and Ireland, in addition to the fact that Seattle and Galway are Sister Cities.

It’s a success story that Thomsen says he’d like to continue outside the ballpark.

For years, dating back to 1960, Cheney has been surrounded by parking lots.

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That’s meant significant changes in food, drink, and merchandise options, which he said is under his control, “My friend John Stanton - owns the Seattle Mariners, and he pays all the salaries for our players,” he said with a chuckle.

Surrounded by so much nature, it’s never a struggle for Tacomans to stay active.

They’re rarely sitting still for too long, a trait that’s sure to rub off on you in no time.

A University Place native and WSU grad, Thomsen bought the club in 2011, shortly after a city-led million dollar renovation.

Understandably, business boomed at the ballpark on South Tyler helped Thomsen’s group re-invest in more changes at Cheney.


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