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His bail has been taken away, which means that he will be spending some little while on remand at her Majesty's pleasure until his trial.

Brendan is just going in for his interview now and I expect he'll be charged also, although I wouldn't like to second-guess them on whether he'll be released on bail or not. If you haven't read the letter that Dave wrote last night yet then go and take a look at it right now: DAVE'S LETTER Oh, and isn't it about time that you journalists started getting your teeth into this one.

Sometimes (always) when my husband is pounding into me, especially from behind, I imagine it is a black lover, the garbage guy, for instance and I moan really loud and start muttering obscenities, “Yeah..... When I feel him cumming in me it gives me one more orgasm. Open letter to all married white women craving black fucking: I wrote the above a few months ago. He wrote about different fantasies women have but the one that was mine.... And so I started flirting and the reaction was instantaneous. He wondered what had got into me but didn’t complain! It really didn’t matter if the black guys in question were particularly handsome, though I do prefer the gorgeous ones, of course.

Amazing what can happen to totally change your life in a couple of months. First of all, I am now incredibly confident in any day-to-day situation. I got to realise that I was just obsessed about fucking ANY black man. Really had to make sure I had lots of spare batteries for my vibrators!

Which I'm not sure I can do if she is not involved.

But she is very supporting and says if I want to I can still do it.

I have been reading stories during the day and masturbating but the ones that really get me off are the interracial ones. He encouraged me to go further with my obsession for black cock. He told me that if I were to give the slightest come-on to any of these black men I met in my day to day life (I live in the South and meet lots of them. I’d flirt with a guy in Wal-Mart and then have to masturbate in my car before I could drive anywhere. I was on the net looking at photos, videos, reading stories.

I now manage a team of men and have them eating out of my hand All except one, that is, Joe. Well, that is to say, he has me whenever he wants me. I could see the outline of his cock through his tight jeans and really wanted to put my hands on it. He had me naked and sitting between his legs worshipping his big hard black cock. He just picked me up like a rag doll and hung me over the back of the couch with my bare butt in the air and I let him.

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