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Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, a scandal like Anthony Weiner's doesn't even necessarily need two humans anymore.

Online chat bots already send come-hither messages to users of social media or dating websites.

Be warned, there are fake profiles out there to get you on Grindr.

And we’re not just talking about old dudes with deceptive pictures and model headshots (although they’re lurking too). Users have been left angry when hot men they're chatting to turn out to be fake profiles that give their phone a virus.

One California company already supplies 600 hyper-realistic sex dolls per year to customers." The creators of Yahoo (who were 100% redneck) decided this was a great name for a company, and they went for it. At first "Yahoo" was used to provide the simulation of a personal signature to replies to customers asking advice. Chat is a free chat room service exclusively for Yahoo! Anyone is welcome, so you may even come across a nigger (Not to be confused with a monkey).Whenever you try to enter a chat room, you have to enter a CAPTCHA which are completely unreadable.Give it a decade and 'sexbots' will be commonplace.Understandably, there are real fears that sex robots are misogynistic and will fuel the objectification of women.But the long-term future doesn't have to be men addicted to female robots that service their every dark desire.


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