Simon baker and sanaa lathan dating

"Something New" opens with cotton-candy titles, arrives in time for Valentine's Day, and is billed as a romantic comedy.

(The scene where Lathan and her new boyfriend, played by Simon Baker, get caught out in the rain and she freaks out about her hair is a particularly good example.) Something New does not re-invent the wheel (it tells the story of a workaholic serious woman, groomed by her family to be a success, who falls in love with her gardener).

She does hire Brian to landscape her backyard, and gradually finds herself drawn to him, against her will.

The movie depends on a sudden rain shower, that old Victorian standby, to drive them into the shelter of a tree for an unexpected kiss.

She's fiercely driven, a child of ambitious parents, a graduate of top schools, a candidate to became a partner in her firm. She doesn't do much of anything except work, although recently she bought a new house.

That's how she meets Brian Kelly (Simon Baker), who is single, attracted to her, and a landscape architect. They're fixed up on a blind date, but she makes awkward apologies and leaves. She doesn't seem to date black guys either, but she would in theory, if the IBM (Ideal Black Man) came along.


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