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For me the writer,actors and actresses and staff who made this movie,you did a great job!?? I've tried really really hard to like the drama, but it just became really dry and boring. and also yeees tnx god he declined this drama cause it had low ratings and my cutie son deserves a better one :/// Forget to mention that the cast is perfect EXCEPT the female lead. I watched this drama recently n man it's soo amazing!!! This is the best k drama I've ever watched n the cast too is just perfect!! Really sad that it was cut down to 16 eps n not praised Very nice drama,one of the best,perfect casting and am glad it straight to the point instead of others that beats around the bush making super long nd eventually tiring.

The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories. ☺️ -VIXX Hongbin --- Chi Ang - UKISS alexander --- Yub jong - SHINHWA Dong wan --Tae Ho -- taekwando master i'm currently watching this drama and i find the male main lead virtually unappealing. the second lead is more attractive but i'm gonna watch it because the girl main lead's acting in hwarang is impressive. In kissasian it is listed in the most popular dramas but why not here?

This drama is awesome, I watched it because I heard the amazing ost sung by VIXX "Alive". Friendship is a key aspect in this drama and I really like it because its not he typical romance. :( I just finished it today and i regret not watching it earlier!!!

Pico is a Web Animation-slash-Web Games series started by Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp.

The series revolves around the characters Pico, Nene and Darnell as they get involved in particularly violent situations.


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