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Whenever and however you can, use the target language at home This is much easier than it was when I first started teaching, when friends in Japan would record my favourite quiz shows on VHS and then send them in the post for me to view several weeks later! ) *Watch movies, TV, listen to music, listen to radio programs and podcasts, all of which are becoming more and more accessible online *Change the language settings on your phone/camera/Operating System/Social network page – annoying but effective! Siri) and control your phone in the TL (open applications, make calls, send Tweets, select music etc).

I present some of my own ideas, and invite you to share your own ideas and experiences.

Through Panasonic cameras, which are prevailing in this country, you can observe the parking, restaurants, streets, shopping malls, architectural monuments, tall skyscrapers, and much more.

The Insecam project shows definitely other Japan, which you wouldn’t see on the TV or at videos from You Tube.

Then the photo goes full-on ‘day-in-the-life’ Japan. I was actually riding uphill myself when I took the airplane shot, and had only a moment to see its potential, grab the camera, and shoot.

The stylized patina’d fence post, the Lawson コンビニ, the sign, manhole cover, signs and ubiquitous wires -which drive you nuts. My interest in your blog is for the Japan context and watching your evolution as a photographer. Usually in cases like this the potential does not pan out, but I liked this one, especially after I adjusted the crop in post.


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