Dating leo girl is ryan gosling dating anyone now

Astrology Advice The Leo woman is very strong, grounded, moral, and unwavering.

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Whereas Leos don’t need to have is being upstaged by someone else.

Plus, over the course of many years spent observing, reading about, and interacting with folks whose birthdays fall between the 23rd of July and 22nd of August, I've drawn many conclusions about Leos and what makes them tick.

So I wanted to share one observation in particular, one which I find especially intriguing"”the difference between Leo men and Leo women seems to be greater than the gender disparity under any other sign.

July 23rd marked the beginning of Leo's annual period of celestial reign.

Whether you're a die-hard believer or a skeptic, you can't deny that astrology is, in the words of OK Cupid, "fun to think about." So occasionally I do just that"”and Leo is the star-sign on which I train my focus since I am one and so are many of the most important people in my life.


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