Charmed dead man dating script

was a pretty fun show following three witches with different powers fighting the powers of evil.They came across many love interests and many demons.Hitting On Women 101 A man who claims to be inept around women successfully hits on them by telling them why he doesn't find them attractive in this very funny ten minute play with parts for two women and one man.Out Of His Mind This play takes place within the fevered imagination of a man in a romantic crisis as he chooses between marriage or retreating into a fantasy relationship with a wish fulfillment bimbo.The following year, she starred in the crime thriller film Fifty Dead Men Walking.

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There are some actors who were just starting out and became big later in life. The episode is all about his son getting revenge for his death along with his wife's.

"GPS" - An Auto Erotic Comedy The sexy and suggestive computer voice of a high tech automobile becomes jealous of the new owner's girlfriend and threatens to destroy his life in this modern and very timely one act script. Under The Balcony Shakespeare's famous balcony scene goes slightly askew when a fleeing Casanova shows up to turn Romeo from a lover to a seducer under Juliet's balcony.

A ten minute play for two men and one (off stage) woman.

A slovenly and indecisive Hamlet, a marriage bent Ophelia, an oversexed Gertrude, a power hungry Claudius and a revenge seeking Ghost let their hair down to Ruby, Elsinore's hairdresser with attitude in this award winning one act play for three women and three men.

Winner of the All-Ireland One Act Play Competition.


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