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Now they’ve returned to their native medium with a new experiment-turned-website, Walsh and Goodman describe themselves as “self-obsessed millennials” and see the project as a way to become more self-aware in an effort to be more empathetic toward others.

Though some might see irony in solving that problem with such a public display of introspection, Walsh and Goodman say they also have plans to expand the project to make it more participatory, to be revealed as the project rolls out.

“It’s sort of a modern day, non-religious way that any one can attempt to examine their lives and apathy and attempt to become kinder,” says Goodman.

As with any good first-person story, the idea is to use the personal to resonate with people universally.

Continue reading Humans are naturally social animals; they rely on each other for basic survival.

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Continue reading Making the decision to enter a substance abuse treatment is a big step in a person’s life.EA members have responded so generously to the fundraising effort that was launched in May.Thank you to every group and person who made a contribution.Right now they are thinking of a conference lasting 1 – 3 days for 4 to 6 hours.What a great way to reach more people with the EA program! If you would like to be a part of this effort, please email [email protected] indicate which of the A California group translated the entire Today book into Spanish!Being able to accept yourself as you are is an important part of sober living.


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